la voix des nations

The Voice of Nations:
A musical world tour
in the heart of Montréal

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and let yourself be enchanted by Indigenous drums, dances and songs from the world over. A magnificent show – hosted by  Charles Bender and Nadine St-Louis – to celebrate diversity and discover Indigenous culutres!

September 13th 2017, 6 pm - 9:30 pm
picto Quai Jacques Cartier (Old Port of Montréal)

musique autochtone2 hours
of concerts

pow wow montrealThroat singing,
dances, drums,

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food truck

Florent Vollant

Florent Vollant (20h50)

🌍 North America

🎭 Folk rock

A songwriter, composer and performer of Innu origin, Florent Vollant grew up on a reserve called Maliotenam, east of Sept-Îles. His musical career began in the mid 1980s, and played a part in the creation of the Innu Nikamu Festival.

Florent and another young Innu, Claude McKenzie,  formed the Innu duo Kashtin. From 1989 to 1995, the group recorded Kashtin, Innu eand Akua Tuta, three albums that earned them four Félix awards and performances not only in Québec and throughout Canada, but also in France, Belgium, South Korea, Bolivia...

In 2015, Florent Vollant returned with a fourth solo album: Puamuna, which means 'dream' in Innu. The folksinger has returned to the very lifespring of traditional Innu song, where it began, in dreams.

The Jerry Cans

The Jerry Cans (20h15)

🌍 Arctic

🎭 Alt-country

The fast rising northern stars, The Jerry Cans, create music inspired by their hometown of Iqaluit, Nunavut. With their unique mix of Inuktitut alt-country, throat singing, and reggae, the Jerry Cans are a distinctly northern, one-of-a-kind group. The band perform many of their songs in Inuktitut and are passionate about preserving the language even as the north and their home community of Iqaluit evolve.

It is not only the political motives, but their rapidly developing reputation for getting elders and young people dancing, that has forced people to start noticing this high-energy group. This truly unique band will take you on a stroll through the streets of Iqaluit to share a glimpse of life in Arctic.

Members: Andrew Morrison (Vocals/Guitar), Nancy Mike (Accordion/Throat Singing), Gina Burgess (Violin) Brendan Doherty (Bass), Steve Rigby (Drums).

The Jerry Cans is presented
in collaboration with

   pop montreal

Pé Na Rua

Pé Na Rua

🌍 Latin America

🎭 Percussions

There's thunder at the street corner... Suddenly all the passerby are gazing up at the sky, though it is clear blue and sunny. But where is the storm coming from? From the drums of Pé na Rua, who carry you along in its tempest of Brazilian rhythms! Founded in 2005, by Flavia Nascimento, this collective is crisscrossing streets throughout Québec to get you dancing to the marcatu, the coco, the ciranda and the samba.

Maissa Camara

Maissa Camara

🌍 West Africa

🎭 Dance, djembé

Born in Senegal, he fell in love with Québec. Maissa Camara charms us with his music and voice. Watching him dance, sing and play the djembé, we are immersed in his land and become a little bit African.

Whakatopu Kotahi

Whakatopu Kotahi

🌍 Pacific

🎭 Haka, chants

Founded by Glen Cruz in 2015,  Whakatōpū Kotahi brings together dancers from Toronto and Montréal from different origins: Maoris, Fidji, Samoa, Philippines... but who share the same passion for Maori culture of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Haka.

DJ Ziibiwan

DJ Ziibiwan

🌍 North America

🎭 Electronic

Ziibiwan is an Anishinaabe from Unceeded Wikwemikong, on Manitoulin Island. His ethereal sonic landscape extends to deeply hypnotic spaces where lands, skies and deep waters meet. He has been nominated for the Best New Artist and Best Instrumental Album at the 2017 Indigenous Music Awards.

Moe Clark

Hommage aux femmes autochtones

🌍 North America

🎭 Poetry, spoken word

With Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, Tomas Furey, Moe Clark, Nina Segalowitz, Chloé Sainte-Marie, Joséphine Bacon, Andrée Levesque Sioui, Sandrine Masse-Savard.

Tundra Circus

Tundra Circus

🌍 Arctic

🎭 Circus

The Tundra Circus performing artists create contemporary tableaux and numbers, freely drawing upon Inuit traditions and well-anchored in the present. They provide a humorous look at the Far North, its beauty, its contradictions and its wealth.

Moosetown Singers

Moose Town Singers

🌍 North America

🎭 Drums, throat singing

The group of young traditonal drummers was created by Raoul Weizineau in 2008, in Opitciwan. This was his way of helping the youth of the community to keep them away from social problems, drugs and alcohol which we often see in the native communities.


🌍 Asia

🎭 Dance

The Suvd dance troupe was formed in Montréal in 2010 to perform traditional dances and make Mongolian culture known. Their dances highlight everyday life and nomadic dwellings.



🌍 Latin America

🎭 Andean music

IntiKilla !, which means sun and moon in Quechua, gathers four indigenous musicians from Peru, Nicaragua and Mexico City who met about 10 years ago in Quebec. They will make you travel and dance with the sound of the Bombo, the pan flute and the charango.

“Indigenous peoples have the right to practise and revitalize their cultural traditions and customs (…) such as artefacts, designs,ceremonies, technologies and visual and performing arts and literature.”

Article 11 - UN Declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples

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